Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Super Dancer 2 Winner | Akash Thapa is the Winner in Public Eyes

Super Dancer 2 reality Show on Sony TV Channel now close to the Grand Finale where Top 5 Finalists Contestants Ritik Diwaker, Bishal Sharma, Vaishnavi Prajapati, Shagun Singh and Akash Thapa are the Top 5 Contestants. One of them is eliminated based onto the Voting results. Based on the Public Voting Results and Performances Every Week and The Way Akash Thapa Receives the Love from Audiences, It Looks Akash Thapa is the Winner of Super Dancer 2, No Matter What the Grand Finale Public Voting Results is.


We Have Tracked the Public Love to Akash Thapa for the Continuous Season and he received the Maximum Votes for the Last Two Weeks, It Looks Talented Akash Thapa is the Winner of Super Dancer 2 on Sony TV.

Super Dancer 2 Winner | Public Voting Results | Grand Finale

Have a Look at the Top 5 Super Dancer 2 Finalists Contestants Names, Public Voting Results

1) Bishal Sharma
2) Shaun Singh
3) Vaishnavi Parjapati
4) Akash Thapa
5) Ritik Diwaker

Even All the Top 5 Dancers Contestants are best in their own ways, Akash Thapa getting Lots of Love from the Fans and Show Viewers. So, Akash Thapa Wins Super Dancer Chapter 2 Reality Show based on the Public Love and Support.

The Reason is He's One of the Best Versatile Dancer Performer, Number One Performer for the last two weeks and got Highest Votes in Last Two Weeks. Also, See How Akash Thapa received Love from the Dehradun Fans when he reached Home Town.

Who do you think deserves to Win? In Public Eyes, Akash Thapa already has won the Millions of Hearts. Super Dancer Chapter 2 Winner and Runners Up revealed.

See Who is the Winner of the Super Dancer 2 and Who are the Runners Up in Grand Finale.

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