Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Dance Champions Winner Name 2017, Star Plus Grand Finale

Star Plus all set to air the Grand Finale of Dance Champions reality show on Star Plus and now The winner Name of the Show has been revealed. See who are the Finalists Top 5 Contestants and who is the Winner of the Show. It's Been Confirmed that Bir Radha Sherpa is the Dance Champions Winner. See How Much Money or Prize Bir gets as a Winning Reward along with Golden Trophy.


Indian Viewers and Judges together have selected the Top 5 Talented Dancers Solo, Duo and Group Performers. Now one of them going to get the Golden Trophy in Grand Finale. See Who lifted the Trophy in Grand Finale of Star Plus show Dance Champions. And the Winner of Dance Champions is Bir Radha Sherpa.

Dance Champions Top 5 Finalists Contestants | Winner Name 2017

Have a look at the Top 5 Finalists contestants and their voting details missed call numbers.

top 5

1) Faisal Khan - Vaishnavi Patil (Winners of JDJ 8) - 18008439807
2) Bir Radha Sherpa (Winner of Dance Plus 3) - 18008439801
3) Sushant Khatri (Dance Plus 2 Fame) - 18008439802
4) Piyush Bhagat (Dance Plus 2 Finalist) - 18008439805
5) MJ5 Crew - (Winners of India's Dancing Superstar) - 18008439803

Dance Champions Winner Name 2017 - Bir Radha Sherpa is the Winner
Dance Champions 1st, 2nd Runner Up - Piyush Bhagat is the First Runner Up

Prize Money - Bir Gets Golden Trophy and 25 Lakh Rupees Cheque from Star Plus.

Among the Top 5 Finalists Contestants, Bir Radha Sherpa, Sushant Khatri and Piyush Bhagat are the solo dancers. Faisal-Vaishnavi are the duo performer and Mj5 crew is the Group dancers.

Bir Radha Sherpa Wins Dance Champions
Congratulations Bir for Winning Dance Champions
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  1. My favourite from jammu the one and only PIYUSH BHAGAT��

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  2. Dance plus 3 hero only on beer Radha serpha winning stork Punit j pathak win by dance champion
    Beer Radha Sherpa

  3. This is just a fake site.. you can't tell us the winner name as it they announced. Because at almost 10pm tonight... they will complete the shooting. But you are waiting for the show to be telecasted... Total fake page

  4. Baaki sab bakwasssss....only one MJ5

  5. Bir radha serpa is the talented dancer

  6. My Bro Bir Radha Sherpa You Did It

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  8. Aadha roti tava pe piyushbhagat hava ma

  9. my favourite is piyush bhagat